We forage quality sound effects.

"Does it make a sound?"

If it does we are recording it.

Here at If a Tree Falls our focus is on recording unique and diverse sound effects and delivering these to sound artists and creatives to inspire creativity and sonic exploration.

Founded 2018 by Rick Blything

Sound Library

Lifts & Elevators

This library contains sounds from 19 different elevators. From the slick and the smooth to cranky old freights....

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London Edge

A collection of evocative recordings of; trains, skylines, AC units, rooftops recorded after dark in London.....

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Morris Minor

This Library offers a range of unique sounds from this iconic British car. The Morris Minor Traveller 1000....

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Boxing Gym

For our Boxing Gym library we visited three different gyms around the UK and present a wide range of sounds....

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Military Buildings

The Military Buildings library features 5.0 ambiences & spot fx captured inside a Cold War Military Air Base....

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‘Nightlife’ is an collection of authentic nightclub based crowd ambiences, professionally recorded over....

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Street Sweeteners

‘Street Sweeteners’ are characterful street sounds with personality that will naturally bed into your city scenes and are sure to enhance your soundscape and bring any street scene to life.

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Hire Us

We offer bespoke recording for any project big or small. With our wide range of experience, microphones and techniques, we can record almost any sound your require, please get in-touch for further details.






Field Notes

6th April 2020

Military Buildings Library (IaTF05)

Although I grew up in Suffolk and as a child visited an air show at RAF Bentwaters before it closed, I knew little about it as a Military Base. Whilst searching for recording locations I came across it again and became intrigued to want to explore the remaining spaces with my microphones. The former USAF […]

17th April 2018

The Cinema Museum (free sfx)

Last year I attended Cheap Cuts Film Festival which turned...

4th April 2018

TV Destruction (free sfx)

Working from the studio in Hackney Wick I often...